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What I’ve Been Loving Lately

Way back in the stone ages of my blogging days I would occasionally share links to things I loved on Fridays.  I know many blogs do this now and in spite of my fear of seeming too predictable, I just really want to revive my old approach and keep it up.  So here are the things that I’ve been loving lately….

– I had this crazy idea the other day to rearrange our furniture and turn our dining room into more of a breakfast nook.  I’m having visions of our nook looking like this sweet little room from Aly Carroll.

– Have you seen Chris Loves Julia’s Sunday cooking segment on IGTV? I watched Chris cook this Salmon with Lemon Pepper Sauce and then made it the following week and it was SO good and simple.  And his tips on IGTV helped me cook salmon the way restaurants do.  I’ve made twice now and am officially adding it to our dinner rotation.

– Did you know you could save images you love from Instagram on to your Pinterest boards?  You can! And I love it so much more than just saving them within Instagram. Here’s how I do it…when you’re looking at the image on Instagram, click on the three dots in the top right hand corner and select “Copy Link.”  I took this screen shot to demonstrate:

Then a pop up will say the image was copied to your clipboard. Now open the Pinterest App on your phone and a pop up will say “Save the link you copied?”  Click on that pop up and it will open the Instagram image and let you pin it. I do it all the time now!

– I’m pretty much the most out-of-touch person when it comes to make up, like I use a little foundation and mascara and that’s it.  This past week though my beauty expert friend took me out to Ulta, Sephora and Target to get “the essentials” (turns out there are more “essentials” than just foundation and mascara, oops! ;)) and then she taught me how to apply it all.  I felt like I was back in college for a moment.  I miss those days of being surrounded by roommates who would share their beauty tips.  So I’m currently trying this new foundation and also this lip balm (which really feels like a lip gloss but not as sticky).  Two days in and I’m feeling wildly more glamorous.  She also recommends this serum that I’m waiting for in the mail.

– The day my friend did my make up, I set up my camera on my tripod and had Eleanor snap a picture of me.  And that’s my new blog profile picture!  I had a family picture up there but didn’t want my kids’ faces so visible (trying my best to navigate internet safety as a parent).  I feel a little silly having a glamour shot of just me, since this blog is about our house as a family and since most days I’m in the most casual of clothes and am lucky if I’m wearing mascara.  But! It’s so hard to get a picture of myself these days so I’m going for it for now.

– As I write this, I have five vases scattered throughout the house with dead greenery in them.  I can’t get myself to clip branches consistently enough to always have fresh branches around and yet the dried out branches make me sad.  I’m thinking I need to go faux to hold me over in between clippings. The only branches that are convincing enough to me to make it worth it are these eucalyptus ones from Pottery Barn.  I’ve seen them in person and they are gooood for a faux option.  But can I justify spending $25 on just one branch??

-I have a twin boxspring in my Amazon cart right now.  We are planning to move Ford out of his toddler bed and into the twin that matches Eleanor’s (ahh I can’t wait for matching twin beds!!) so I’m needing to get his bedding situation figured out.  We bought this same boxspring for Eleanor.  It blew my mind when it shipped to us in a flat box and then expanded into your typical boxspring.  It’s incredible!  Have you bought a boxspring online?

– This week I’ve finally knuckled down and put my phone in the bathroom to charge overnight, not on my nightstand.  It’s been so good for getting to sleep earlier and for starting the morning more slowly and with a clear head.  Highly recommend. (thank you Monica at @aboutprogress for the encouragement!)

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, we’ll be with my family in the Bay Area celebrating my niece’s baptism. I’m so excited for one last summer getaway!

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