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Planning Kitchen Hardware

On Labor Day weekend, I noticed a good sale on Rejuvenation’s hardware so I quickly ordered a variety of sample hardware for our upcoming kitchen remodel.   My hope is to nail down exactly what hardware I want so I can be ready to order everything during Black Friday.  The pressure is on.

Here’s what I’m considering:        Vernon Bin Pull / Large Massey Drawer Pull / Latch / Ball Cabinet Knob / Small Massey Drawer Pull

I’m currently leaning towards the vernon bin pull or the massey drawer pull for the drawers.  I know I want the ball cabinet knob for the doors. And I love the idea of latches for some of the really tall upper cabinetry.

I’m 90% sure we will go with the unlacquered brass finish (I’m excited for the patina!) but I’m open to an aged brass or black.

The samples arrived yesterday and they feel so heavy and substantial and they look BEAUTIFUL.  I held them up to our cabinets and even though the brass clashes with our current kitchen’s color palette, I could see the potential and it made me SO excited.  Even if we did nothing else to our kitchen but just added hardware it would make a world of a difference.

These feel like a splurge even with the sale (it all adds up quickly when you need tons of knobs and pulls) so I also love these crazy affordable Martha Stewart options from Home Depot.  I haven’t seen them in person yet but I’m planning to order them soon. 

Door Latch / Goblet Round Drawer Knob / Spindle Drawer Pull / Canopy Cup Drawer Pull / Awning Cup Drawer Pull

And these from House of Antique Hardware seem like a good middle of the road option between Rejuvenation and the Martha Stewart line as far as cost is concerned.  Their vintage utility drawer pull is identical to the Rejuvenation smaller massey drawer pulls but for a lot less.

Vintage Utility Pull / Latch / Classic Cup Pull / Tapered Bin Pull / Classic Cabinet Knob / Bullseye Cabinet Knob

Now I just need to knuckle down on what sizes and placement I would want.  I’ve heard hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and I can tell from studying designers work that thoughtful placement makes a big difference in making your kitchen feel special.

I love the look of two pulls on a long drawer like Studio McGee did below.  I’ve read that you should do this if your drawers are 24 inches or wider.  And here is that same idea but with knobs on the drawers


I love that the three drawers on the left feel special since they went with knobs here but did pulls on the drawers to the right.  When I look at this picture I think knobs on drawers all the way!  But I don’t think I’d like the function of grabbing a knob to open a bigger drawer.

(Sidenote: low quality, construction site photos I come across on Instagram like that one above are my favorite.  I love seeing the in progress shots.)

Instead of doing double pulls or knobs on longer drawers, Emily Henderson opted for just one oversized pull per drawer.  I love this simple look.Unfortunately, these Rejuvenation massey drawer pulls jump astronomically in price when you get into the longer sizes.  But goodness, they’re pretty.

But I also love how she mixed styles of hardware, using painted knobs in some places and unlacquered brass in others.  This is gives hers the English country vibe, which doesn’t really fit our house, but I love the idea nonetheless.

Brooklyn Decker did the same hardware for her drawers and cabinets and it looks great and is a more modern look. I love this kitchen SO MUCH.   The more I think about using pulls on the doors though the more I realize I wouldn’t really like that functionality.  I like grabbing a knob.  Also how great are those vertical grooves in her cabinetry.

And I of course love everything about this image below.  The beautiful simplicity of it all.  And the combination of a simple bin pull and knob just seems classic.  


I’m also finding Studio McGee’s hardware placement guide helpful as well as Room For Tuesday’s guide.

It’s amazing how much thought needs to go into each detail of the kitchen.  Hopefully it pays off!  We’ll see where I end up with all these options 🙂