Our Home Tour

We moved into our home in October 2015 and have been slowly tweaking it, starting with removing sheet mirrors, painting walls and changing out lights.  It’s still very much a work in progress but we are trying to embrace the “slow decorating” approach and remember how far we’ve come already (here’s how the house looked seven months into, still in a “before” state with some rooms already painted).

Entry Way

We painted the walls and then painted the front door (read about that saga here), replaced the door knobs, switched out the entry lighting, removed a sheet mirror and added vertical paneling.  It’s a small room but a lot of work went into it!

The Living Room

The vaulted wood ceilings are our favorite feature in the house! Since moving in, we painted the walls, added new couches, mounted the tv, hung two gallery walls (I just can’t stop) and watched our fiddle leaf fig tree grow.  And after a lot of tweaking, we figured out how to fill that big, blank wall.  We have plans to replace our carpet with wood flooring soon and plan to improve our overhead lighting.

The Front Room

We are still struggling to find purpose and the right furniture for this music/library room.  But even still, we have come a long ways in here (see the before’s here) ! We removed a large sheet mirror and replaced it with vertical paneling and then painted the whole room dark blue.  We added an antique Persian rug from eBay and updated the overhead pendant.

The Kitchen

Big things are happening in our kitchen come January 2019! We are in the midst of planning a remodel and have already shared some thoughts on the space: dreaming about the layout and debating kitchen cabinet paint colors.  In the meantime, we are try to focus on just how much we love it’s openness to the living room.

The Dining Nook

We painted the walls white, bought a new table, found some chairs on the side of the road (yes, really!) and put our fiddle leaf fig tree here to make it feel a little more lively.  We have plans to add roman shades to the windows and an antique hutch.

The Laundry Room and Powder Bath

Just off the dining nook is the laundry and powder bath — the one area of the house that remains untouched thus far.  They are still the original peachy wall color the house started with because we have not settle on a direction just yet.  At the very least we hope to paint and update the flooring in these space soon!

The Hallway

We added an antique Persian rug and some pictures of our kids. We can’t wait to rip up the hallway tile that currently makes the house feel so choppy and paint the hall cabinets white.  And wouldn’t this sconce look amazing right here?!

Eleanor and Ford’s Room

We painted the walls and replaced the carpet in here.  Most everything in the kids’ room has been thrifted and quite possibly the best score to date was finding the matching twin beds off Craigslist for $80 total.