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On My Mind Lately

Happy Friday!  I’ve been all over the place this week, from feeling on top of things one day to feeling overwhelmed the next.  The big event of the week though was Eleanor starting her second year of preschool.

I’m always the most productive on the days we get out of the door early for preschool drop off. I love the way it structures our day.  I’m going to savor this last year of preschool for her, can’t believe we start kindergarten next year!

Here are the things that have been on my mind lately…

-I’ve been thinking more about our guest bedroom and I’d love to attempt some kind of picture molding in there.  I was so inspired by Grit & Polish’s bedroom makeover using it and was excited to hear they would be sharing a tutorial on it soon.

-I spent the week trying to offload pictures off of my computer and phone since my storage is full on both, oops! And despite my best efforts, I don’t think I made a dent.  I take too many photos and have a poor work flow for them.  Ah, the constant struggle!

-I loved Emily Clark’s approach to updating a kitchen while keeping oak cabinets.  I’ve struggled to feel motivated to decorate our brown kitchen but there really is so much you can do to improve your kitchen without a total overhaul.

-Speaking of Emily’s blog, I so appreciate her response to the question of how she keeps her house clean with 5 kids.

-I’ve been meaning to read this book on intuitive eating for a year now but a conversation with a friend this week officially made me pull the trigger.  I’ll let you know what I think!

-Any time I share something from Stephanie Sabbe on Instagram, I always get a direct message from some one saying, “I love her designs and SHE’S HILARIOUS!” And I totally agree.  She shares amazing sneak peeks into her interior design projects on Insta Stories, but even better than that, she just makes me laugh every day.  I highly recommend following her.

-After we said our bedtime prayers with the kids this week we’ve been yelling “family hug!!” and doing a big group hug on the floor of their room.  Eleanor and Ford LOVE it and want to do it over and over again.  It’s been my favorite part of the day.

-I mentioned last week that I’ve been trying to improve my make-up routine.  I’m a week in to trying harder to get ready every day and so far I’ve been successful (even if one day it was at 8 pm for a Home Goods run ;))!  Someone actually stopped me to ask what foundation I use because she said she noticed my skin was glowing.  I was floored she noticed as I’ve never been asked for make-up advice ever, ha!  I told her it was this foundation but I wish I had also mentioned this Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC.  My make-up expert friend Lucy told me to brush it on as a final step and I love that little touch of shimmer it gives my skin 🙂

-I have a generous gift card to Pottery Barn that I’ve been sitting on and I can’t settle on what to spend it on.  A nice problem to have, I know.  I’ve considered a new lamp, an olive tree, one of these chairs (although I really want 8 of them ;)) or a couple branches of eucalyptus branches.  Is there anything you love from Pottery Barn I should consider?  We already have the faux fur throw blanket and love it.  Can you tell Aaron’s a fan?And good news, Pottery Barn is having 20% off with the code FALL.

So that’s it 🙂 I’m excited for a girls night planned for tonight and then a date with Aaron to a wedding reception tomorrow.  And hopefully we can make a fun Saturday morning activity for the kids happen.  It’s gonna be a good weekend, just the kind of weekend I need.  Hope yours is great!!