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Friday Thoughts

Made it to Friday! I haven’t done a Friday post in a while so here goes 🙂

This week was significantly less stressful on the kitchen remodel front (hence having the time/energy/head space to write blog posts — three in one week!).

The cabinetry design is done and almost every big decision has been made (I think?) so I haven’t had to research as much this week. It also helps that they are currently taping and mudding the walls. One guy comes over for a couple hours and then leaves and that’s it for the day. No banging, no needing to check in and oversee. It’s been a nice little break.

I love seeing this progress, so satisfying!

We have another day of mudding, then texturing and then paint! And the cabinets are in production right now. I’m excited and terrified but crossing my fingers they turn out well.

And although the kitchen is all I really have brain space to think about these days, I have come across some other things lately that are non-kitchen related and I really wanted to share them…

I have loved Brooklyn Decker’s old kitchen for a years now so it was fun to see her new place in Architectural Digest that she designed herself. This cozy living room with the art mural has my heart.

I keep seeing the coziest drapes in a bathroom lately and I’m loving it. Can it get more cozy than drapes (and a fireplace!)??Here are some of my favorites:

Stacie Flinner via Chairish
Jean Stoffer Design

I am trying to get back in the habit of checking Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and I actually inquired about a couple things this week. I can’t stop laughing about this one response I received. After inquiring about the dimensions on two black lamps (you know I love a good black lamp ;)) I got these two images back from the seller:

No text telling me the dimensions or explaining anything, just those pictures. And it’s impossible to tell what the actual measurements are by the way he’s holding the tape measure! The jury’s still out whether I’ll go for them or not but two black lamps for $30 isn’t bad.

We need a new living room rug and I thought I found the perfect antique one. But I finally had to accept that it is 9 inches too long on one side. Not to mention a little more than I wanted to spend. But oh it would have been PERFECT!! Finding a 10×12 rug is proving to be impossible.

Are you following Jessica Helgerson‘s before and after posts on Instagram. I can’t get over them. And I love how she takes the time to explain the decisions they made and why. It feels like I’m getting an education from a master.

That bathroom in particular was jaw dropping. Sometimes I see these amazing spaces from high end designers and assume that the bones must have been pretty great to start with. Like surely that home at least had that original woodwork already in place. But nope, it was an 80’s bathroom like you would find in every home where I live. So inspiring! (I previously professed my love for her work here.)

This weekend we are celebrating Ford’s birthday with superheroes and chocolate cake and trampolines. He is turning 3 and just as such a fun stage. I love little boys.

Hope you all have the best weekend!